Web Scraping with C# / .NET – Webinar

EVENT DESCRIPTION C# Web Scraping is a method for data extracting using C# / .net programming language. Speaker: Nikolai Kekish, CTO at https://mydataprovider.com/ You can collect useful information from websites, including - quotes, - prices, - news company...

Accelerate innovation with Microsoft Azure Databricks – Webinar

January 25, 2018 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (PST) Learn how your organization can accelerate data-driven innovation with Azure Databricks. Azure Databricks is a fast, easy-to-use, and collaborative Apache Spark–based analytics platform. Designed in...

What is data ? – Simple Definition

Definition Of Data Data can be defined as a collection of raw facts or information from which conclusions may be drawn. In computer science, data are unprocessed facts that may be useful...

What is web scraping?

Web scraping is a computer software technique of extracting information from websites. This technique mostly focuses on the transformation of unstructured data (HTML format) on the web into structured data (database or spreadsheet). You...
Marketing Information System, MkIS, MIS, Marketing

Marketing Information System(MkIS) – Definition, Components and Applications

Detailed Introduction of Marketing Information System (MkIS) MkIS Marketing Information System (MkIS) collects, analyses, and supplies a lot of relevant information to the marketing managers. It is a valuable tool for...

How to install python in Windows 10?

The young team of Franziska Hildebrand, Franziska Preuss, Vanessa Hinz and Dahlmeier clocked 1 hour, 11 minutes, 54.6 seconds to beat France

Top Data Visualization Software to get started

https://www.sisense.com/get/free-trial/?source=predictiveanalytics https://www.predictiveanalyticstoday.com/microsoft-power-bi/ https://www.predictiveanalyticstoday.com/sql-server-reporting-services/   https://www.logianalytics.com/analytics-platform/ DATAPINE: https://www.datapine.com/ ATTIVO: https://www.attivio.com/ BELLADATI: http://www.belladati.com/ TABLEAU DESKTOP: https://www.tableau.com/products/desktop TABLEAU CLOUD BI: https://www.tableau.com/products/cloud-bi PERISCOPE DATA: https://www.periscopedata.com/ PYRAMID ANALYTICS: https://www.pyramidanalytics.com/ DATAMEER: https://www.datameer.com/ PENTAHO: http://www.pentaho.com/product/product-overview IBM ANALYTICS: https://www.ibm.com/analytics WATSON ANALYSIS: https://www.ibm.com/watson-analytics MICRO STRATEGY: https://www.microstrategy.com/us INFORMATION BUILDERS: https://www.informationbuilders.com/products TIBCO SPOTFIRE PLATFORM: https://spotfire.tibco.com/products/tibco-spotfire-platform DOMO: https://www.domo.com/ TARGIT: https://www.targit.com/en  

Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud Computing | When to choose ?

Public Clouds A public cloud is one in which the services and infrastructure are provided off-site over the Internet. These clouds offer the greatest level of efficiency in shared resources; however, they...

Setup eCommerce website for your startup | Guidelines

Setting up a working eCommerce site by an organization is being easy nowadays but the largest obstacle that business owners and new businesses are facing is the process and groundwork they...

Popular algorithms for data science – an introduction

A variety of Machine Learning and data mining algorithms are available for creating  valuable analytic platforms. Established goals will determine which algorithms are used to sort out and process the information...