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Friday, October 22, 2021

How to enable Together Mode in Microsoft Teams?

Go to your team setting option by clicking your profile image. You'll see the following Application Settings there. Application

Scheduling a meeting only for private channel in Microsoft Teams

In this very article, I'll be guiding you on creating and scheduling meetings by targeting it to a private channel. By doing so, it would be displayed only on the calendar of...

How to enable a 7×7 gallery view in Microsoft Teams?

Go to your Team's setting(Desktop Application). Enable the new meeting experience manually by checking the icon as shown in the image below....

How to view hidden files in USB/Pendrive ? | Top Method

If your USB device is affected with virus that hide all your file in the drive then I have solution for that. Some virus may hides your files and folders, creates exe file extensions...

Remove “BackgroundContainer.dll module not found” message in Windows 8 and 8.1

Hello everyone, The RunDLL message dialog as shown in image below was bothering me since 5 days and i finally get ride off the problem now. It was just irritating while i get this message...

Microsoft DreamSpark | an overview

Microsoft is giving developer tools to students around the world, in the hopes that they’ll develop a new wave of exciting Windows software. The DreamSpark program isn’t just for technology students; any college students...

Bing’s Image Search | New Look.

Bing has updated its image search a couple of days earlier with a new look and some tweaks to its search and discovery features. The first thing you can notice, aside from the fact that it is...

Major features of windows 8 release preview

The official release of Windows 8 is getting closer and closer, but should consumers be excited for the new operating system? Sure Windows 8 may be the boldest move that Microsoft has ever made with their...


Web Scraping with C# / .NET – Webinar

EVENT DESCRIPTION C# Web Scraping is a method for data extracting using C# / .net programming language. Speaker: Nikolai Kekish, CTO at https://mydataprovider.com/ You can collect useful information...

A Guide to Augmented Reality

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