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Friday, October 22, 2021

Waterfall vs Prototyping Model – Basic

Waterfall Model is simple and straightforward software process model that guides software stakeholders to develop system is organized way. It is suitable mainly for projects with low budgets. It comprise of variable...

Changing WordPress login information from cPanel

Hey WordPress Lovers! In case if you forget the password or user credentials of your WordPress admin panel (i.e., domain/wp-admin), you can hard reset it by going to your cPanel itself.

Best Course In the World for Computer Science Beginners: CS50 Introduction

“CS50: Introduction to Computer Science” is a course by Harvard University that introduce the introduction to the intellectual enterprises of Computer Science. It enable students think algorithmically and solve problems efficiently....

How to enable Together Mode in Microsoft Teams?

Go to your team setting option by clicking your profile image. You'll see the following Application Settings there. Application

Scheduling a meeting only for private channel in Microsoft Teams

In this very article, I'll be guiding you on creating and scheduling meetings by targeting it to a private channel. By doing so, it would be displayed only on the calendar of...

How to enable a 7×7 gallery view in Microsoft Teams?

Go to your Team's setting(Desktop Application). Enable the new meeting experience manually by checking the icon as shown in the image below....

Binary numbers subtraction using the complement methods – Steps

STEPS FOR BINARY SUBTRACTION USING 1's and 2's Complement Method Make equal no of bits in both minuend and subtrahendCalculate 1's Complement of subtrahend if you're performing subtracting...

Reduce your risk of coronavirus infection – Nepal Government

Following are the safety measures recommended by the Nepal Government to reduce risk of CoronaVirus infection.


What is data ? – Simple Definition

Definition Of Data Data can be defined as a collection of raw facts or information from which conclusions may be drawn. In computer science, data...

A Guide to Augmented Reality

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