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Enhancing Research Skills with Workshop on Research Methodology & Article Writing – Universal College

Namaste and welcome to DataSagar. As an educator and tech guy, I believe that sharing knowledge and experiences can go a long way in promoting growth and development in our field. With this in mind, I am excited to share my insights and learning from the recent workshop on Research Methodology and Article Writing organized by Universal College. This post is an effort to not only share my experiences but also to encourage others to participate in such training programs and to continue to learn and grow in their respective fields. Moving forward, I plan to continue this knowledge-sharing initiative by writing more posts on various topics related to research and academia in the future as well.

To begin with, attending the one-day seminar cum workshop on Research Methodology & Article Writing organized by Universal College Today(4/29/2023) was an enlightening experience for me. The workshop was aimed at equipping participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to write compelling research reports and journal articles.

The workshop was delivered by Dr. David Prasad Bashyal, an experienced researcher and scholar who has published numerous research papers and articles in reputable journals. Dr. Bashyal’s insights and practical tips on the research process, data collection, analysis, and reporting were invaluable.

For Your Information,

Dr. David Prasad Basyal is a highly qualified and experienced professional with a Ph.D. in Public Management from Incheon National University (INU), South Korea, an MPhil and MA in Economics from TU, Nepal, and an MBA in Marketing from the University of Gloucestershire (UoG), UK. He has diverse work experiences ranging from education to marketing, sales, HR, medicine, rural development, and more. Dr. Basyal has an extroverted nature and a keen interest in the daily happenings of people, the economy, government, public policy, and business activities. 
His expertise in monitoring and evaluation has been instrumental in his work as a Monitoring and Evaluation Expert at Social Welfare Council Nepal. His knowledge and experience in various fields made his session insightful and highly relevant to the attendees of the workshop. Dr. Basyal's contribution to the workshop was highly appreciated, and we look forward to his future contributions to promoting research and knowledge creation.

During the workshop, we learned about the different types of research and the importance of choosing the right research methodology. We also learned about the various steps involved in the research process, including data collection, analysis, and interpretation.

Dr. Basyal also discussed the prerequisites of research writing, including citation and referencing. He emphasized the importance of selecting a research topic that has significance, novelty, curiosity, scope, and actionability. He also discussed the process of writing the introduction of a research paper, focusing on creating a skeleton and writing it after the completion of the paper. Furthermore, Dr. Basyal discussed the critical elements of the literature review, including the aim, what to include, methods, and more. He also highlighted the importance of selecting target journals and considering the Journal Impact Factor (JIF) when submitting research articles. Overall, the workshop was a valuable experience that equipped attendees with the essential skills and knowledge required for research writing.

The workshop also covered the art of journal article writing, which is a critical component of the research process. Dr. Bashyal provided us with practical tips on how to structure and format research articles, as well as how to write clearly and concisely.

In addition to learning about research methodology and article writing, the workshop also introduced us to several research and citation tools that can help make the research process more efficient and effective. One of the tools we discussed in the workshop was Mendeley, a popular reference management software. Mendeley is a user-friendly and powerful tool that allows researchers to organize their references, generate citations and bibliographies, and collaborate with others on research projects.

Mendeley can be used to store and manage references from different sources, such as academic journals, books, and websites. The software also has a powerful search engine that allows users to quickly and easily find relevant literature for their research projects. Another great feature of Mendeley is its citation generation capability. Mendeley supports various citation styles, including APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard, making it easy for researchers to create accurate and consistent citations and bibliographies. During the workshop, we learned how to use Mendeley effectively with MS Word Plugin and how it can help us streamline the research process. By using Mendeley, we can save time and avoid errors when organizing our references and generating citations.

Moreover, The program was focused to promote a research culture among faculties from which our students can get benefited later on. The Universal College publishes a journal every year which is called “The Harvest”. The main objective of the workshop was to enhance and refine research skills among educators and ensure the quality of the articles in “The Harvest” as well.

For your knowledge, The Harvest is a renowned publication of Universal College, affiliated with Tribhuvan University in Nepal, that aims to promote research in multidisciplinary fields among management as well as technology diaspora. This annual publication includes research-based articles from management fields to humanities, social sciences, and technology, etc. which are reviewed by a double-blind peer-review process. The journal follows APA and MLA format systems and includes articles that shed light on research reviews, analyses, and discussions that contribute to the stock of knowledge.

The concluding session of the workshop was marked by the remarks of BBA Coordinator Mr. Sibahari Mainali and the Principal of Universal College, Dr. Shiva Datta Gnawali . They appreciated the efforts of Dr. Basyal and the attendees for making the workshop a success. Participants also shared their experiences and expressed their gratitude for the valuable insights they gained from the workshop. At the end of the program, a Certificate of Participation was awarded to all the attendees, marking the successful completion of the workshop. The workshop was undoubtedly a significant step towards enhancing research skills and promoting research-based activities in the academic community.

These kinds of skill-enhancing programs are sure to enhance faculty members and students develop independent critical thinking skills, expand their understanding, discover and create new knowledge, and disseminate it to others.

Overall, The workshop on Research Methodology & Article Writing, which I attended, was a fantastic opportunity to learn about research methodology and article writing as well as to learn more about research skills and tools such as Mendeley. I am confident that the knowledge and skills I gained will be invaluable as I continue to pursue my research interests in the field of Data Science, Business Intelligence, and Electronic Tourism. I am looking forward to applying my learning and sharing my own research findings with the tech community very soon with an article of my own.

I would like to express my gratitude to Universal College for organizing such a useful and informative workshop, and to Dr. David Prasad Bashyal for sharing his insights and expertise.

Thanks and happy learning.

The author of this blog post is a technology fellow, an IT entrepreneur, and Educator in Kathmandu Nepal. With his keen interest in Data Science and Business Intelligence, he writes on random topics occasionally in the DataSagar blog.
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