Friday, October 16, 2020
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Corona Virus World Updates

Data about novel Corona Virus nCOV spreading worldwide. It’s a global emergency that every responsible data enthusiast can’t just ignore. Below are the latest data verified by World Health Organization(WHO) as well as official government websites of different nation from around the world. Visualization software used in updates are no any endorsement from the author.

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COVID-19 | Serious Lesson for Humanity

African countries are now imposing restrictions on visitors from European countries in a row as the majority of #COVID19 confirmed cases were found to be transported by travelers from Italy, Germany...

Hello World! Thanks for saving us from Corona Virus.

Thinking of a difficult time that people have been experiencing in lockdown cities and countries around the world. The rest of the world needs to thank people of places...

Corona Virus Nepal Updates| Is Nepal Safe to Travel?

A sample data of Japan seems like it's indicating Nepal should get prepared for such unpredictable and unavoidable situation. Holi Festival is nearby for Nepalese and Indians more as countries Celebrating mass people gathering festival like Holi in next week.

New COVID-19 Test Kit Developed in Singapore

According to CNA news agency, new test kit has been developed recently in Singapore that is supposed to be quick in tracking the virus backed up with world class...


Corona Virus: Nepal rushed to build a 50-bed hospital in 2...

The world's eye is in Nepal which shares a direct border with China, the first epicenter of COVID19, is still safe...

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