Thinking of a difficult time that people have been experiencing in lockdown cities and countries around the world. The rest of the world needs to thank people of places like Wuhan, Hubei, Rome, Venice, Milan, Barcelona, Israel and some other cities for their role in saving the rest of the world from this outbreak.

It’s not that easy to be isolated in the home watching everything including regular job, business, commodities, stock market going down and counting a number of positive cases growing every day. It needs a lot of courage for the whole city to handle the scarcity of household products, health workers, medicines and test-kits at the same time. We’re just following some news updates or realizing pitfalls in our economy.

At the same time, they’re fighting a war against #coronavirus pandemic and are going through extraordinarily difficult situation created by it. Even funeral ceremonies are banned in Italy. Researchers, Health workers, and volunteers from around the globe fighting against #COVID19 are worth saluting. The whole world is behind them.

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