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Received “Looks like a lot to you” message in Facebook Messanger? Don’t Click on it!

Hi everyone! I’m here again with a post on viral facebook messanger phishing link spreading accross these days. I’ve received couple of messages in my messanger that says “Looks like a lot to you” along with a clickable link. Message exactly looks like image alongside.

If you’re receiving a video link in facebook messenger saying “This looks like you”, it’s a spam. Many of my friends are sending this spam link and some are clicking on it as well.

You should be aware that it may install malicious software or program(malware) on your device or can even allow an unknown third party to have access to your facebook account. Please be noted that it’s phishing link and do not enter any information or your user name and password asked there.

If you’ve already clicked this link, you need to take the following necessary actions before your account being compromised by hackers.

  1. Change your facebook password immediately
  2. Make sure to remove unknown app that you’ve given permission with or wothout your conscent in Website and Apps Settings
  3. Also, its a good idea to turn permissions off to third party apps and games in facebook

For step 1, Your password might already have been compromised if your have clicked this link. Change your password immediately by going to your security settings to prevent unauthorized access.

For step 2 and 3, Disable unknown app and revoke permission by going to your Facebook Settings followed by Security and Login option there.

Setting screen looks like the following in PC.

You’ll see Apps and Website there where I recommend you to immediately change your third party preferences.

For this, Under “Apps and Website” setting, scrool down to “Preferences” and find “Apps, websites and games” option that says Gives you the ability to use Facebook to log into and interact with third party apps, websites and games as well as connect accounts you have with other apps, websites and games to Facebook.

If you find this helpful and think your friends and family need to stay safe online, please share!

Thanks and stay safe online.


The author of this blog post is a technology fellow, an IT entrepreneur, and Educator in Kathmandu Nepal. With his keen interest in Data Science and Business Intelligence, he writes on random topics occasionally in the DataSagar blog.


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