“CS50: Introduction to Computer Science” is a course by Harvard University that introduce the introduction to the intellectual enterprises of Computer Science. It enable students think algorithmically and solve problems efficiently.

This is a free course available online and you’ll have access to all of the materials and grading at no cost. It is considered as best computer science course in the world that is available to anybody who has an Internet connection. At prime, we’ll be facilitating the learning process of enrolled in CS50 in EdX throughout the basic introductory part that last up to 8 weeks.

After the completion of 8 week that covers fundamentals of computing and programming, the course requires your specialization in tracks like Games, Mobile (Android or iOS), or Web. Throughout the course, languages students will be using includes C, Python, and SQL plus students’ choice of: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (for web development); Java or Swift (for mobile app development); or Lua (for game development).

To get enrolled into CS50, follow this CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science EdX Course Link

You shall follow the official youtube channel here.

Happy Learning!!!


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