A Dictionary is an unordered set of key:value pairs, with the requirement that the keys are unique (within a Dictionary). A few pointers about dictionary:

  • An empty dictionary can be created by a pair of braces: {}.
  • Dictionary elements can be accessed by dictionary keys
  • DICT.keys() will return all the keys of given dictionary “DICT”

DICT = {
'Company':'Analytics Vidhya'

#Dictionary elements can be accessed by keys

print (DICT['Name'])

#The above print statement will print Kunal

In dictionary “DICT”, Name and Company are dictionary keys whereas “Kunal” and “Analytics Vidhya” are their respective values.

Other Tasks:

# Create a dictionary dict1
dict1 = { ‘Age’: 16, ‘Name’: ‘Max’, ‘Sports’: ‘Cricket’}

# Update the value of Age to 18
dict1[‘Age’] = 18

# Print the value of Age

# Store the keys of dictionary dict1 to dict_keys
dict_keys = dict1.keys()

Try it yourself in DataCamp here


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