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What is mean by airdrop in NFT?

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In the context of NFTs, an airdrop refers to a distribution method used by creators or projects to distribute NFTs to a specific group of individuals for promotional or community-building purposes. Similar to how airdrops are used in the cryptocurrency space, NFT airdrops involve the free distribution of digital assets to recipients.

During an NFT airdrop, a project or creator will typically select a specific group of individuals to receive the NFTs. This group could include early adopters, loyal supporters, or participants who meet certain criteria. The NFTs are then sent directly to the wallets of the chosen recipients.

Airdrops in the NFT space serve various purposes, such as generating buzz and interest around a project, rewarding loyal community members, or incentivizing participation in specific events or initiatives. They can help increase the visibility and adoption of NFTs by providing individuals with a free or exclusive digital asset, encouraging engagement and creating a sense of community within the project’s ecosystem.

NFT airdrops can vary in terms of the number of recipients, the quantity and rarity of the NFTs being distributed, and the requirements or conditions for eligibility. Some airdrops may require recipients to hold a specific token or be part of a particular community, while others may be more open to the general public.

Participating in an NFT airdrop can offer individuals the opportunity to obtain unique or limited-edition digital assets without needing to purchase them directly. It can also foster a sense of inclusivity and reward active engagement within the NFT community.

Following is an example of NuvaNFT’s Rewarding Renditions collections and their associated airdrop benefits. In the realm of NFTs,’s Rewarding Renditions collection stands out for its unique approach to incentivizing and rewarding its community. Let’s explore some of the exciting airdrop opportunities that accompany their four distinctive collections:

  1. Crypto Creatures: This collection consists of 5,000 NFTs, each available at a mint price of 0.32 BNB. By acquiring a Crypto Creatures NFT, holders are entitled to a range of benefits, including a 5% royalty on every resale indefinitely. Additionally, participants can earn commissions of 10% from the first level and 8% from the second level of NuvaNFT’s unilevel system. As an added bonus, four stages of FREE BNB airdrops and one stage of FREE Nuva Token airdrop await Crypto Creatures NFT holders.
  2. Neon Dreams: With a collection size of 5,000 NFTs, Neon Dreams NFTs can be minted at a price of 0.64 BNB. Similar to other Rewarding Renditions collections, Neon Dreams NFT holders receive a 5% royalty on all subsequent resales. Moreover, participants can earn commissions of 10% from the first level, 8% from the second level, and 6% from the third level of the unilevel system. In terms of airdrops, Neon Dreams NFT holders enjoy four stages of FREE BNB airdrops and one stage of FREE Nuva Token airdrop.
  3. Celestial Beings: This collection boasts an impressive size of 10,000 NFTs, each available for minting at a price of 1.04 BNB. Celestial Beings NFT holders not only receive a 5% royalty on every resale but also have the opportunity to earn commissions from multiple levels of the unilevel system. Participants can earn 10% from the first level, 8% from the second level, 6% from the third level, and 5% from the fourth level. As for airdrops, Celestial Beings NFT holders are eligible for four stages of FREE BNB airdrops and one stage of FREE Nuva Token airdrop.
  4. Artifacts of the Future: The Artifacts of the Future collection comprises a massive 20,000 NFTs, minted at a price of 1.49 BNB each. Holding an Artifacts of the Future NFT entitles owners to a 5% royalty on every subsequent resale. Similarly, participants can earn commissions from five levels of the unilevel system: 10% from the first level, 8% from the second level, 6% from the third level, 5% from the fourth level, and an additional 5% from the fifth level. Artifacts of the Future NFT holders can also anticipate four stages of FREE BNB airdrops and one stage of FREE Nuva Token airdrop.’s Rewarding Renditions collections not only offer captivating digital art pieces but also present a myriad of opportunities for community engagement and growth. Through a combination of airdrops, royalty benefits, and multi-level commissions, ensures that participants can actively participate in and benefit from their NFT ecosystem.

It’s important to note that the specifics of an NFT airdrop, including the selection criteria and distribution process, are determined by the project or creator initiating the airdrop. It is advisable to carefully review the terms and conditions associated with any airdrop to ensure understanding of eligibility requirements and any subsequent actions that may be necessary to claim the airdropped NFT.

Also, at the same time, it is essential to address the legal barrier that exists in Nepal regarding cryptocurrency-related activities, including NFTs. As a blogger from Nepal, it is crucial to emphasize that individuals from Nepal should strictly adhere to the regulations set forth by the Nepal Rastra Bank. Engaging in activities that are restricted by the policy may have legal consequences. Therefore, it is strongly encouraged that Nepalese citizens refrain from participating in any form of cryptocurrency-related activities, including purchasing, trading, or engaging in NFT transactions, until the regulatory framework evolves and provides clearer guidelines. It is important to prioritize compliance with local laws and regulations to ensure a responsible and legal approach to digital assets.

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