Top 10 amazing Google Fun Tricks

#1. Barrel Roll

Type in “do a barrel roll” in google search bar and see what happens.


#2. Experience Google Gravity 

Type “Google Gravity” in search bar and then follow first link or


#3. Atari Breakout

Type in “Atari Breakout” in search box and click on image result or simply follow this link to play this awesome game


#4. Askew 

Type “Askew” in search bar and experience a little bit of tilt in google search page


#5. Zerg Rush

Just type “Zerg Rush” in search bar and then play this awesome game. Share your score with friends as well.


#6. Dinosaur Game

If you don’t have internet connection and feeling bored just go to and hit space to start playing “Dinosaur Game”. You may turn off your internet connection to experience it as well. 😀


#7. webdriver torso

Type “webdriver torso” and see the change in default google logo


#8. Blink 

Type “<blink>” or “html blink” in the search bar to see blinking of occurance of words “blink” and “html” in search result.


#9. Spinner

Just type “spinner” in Google search box and see a wheel spinning. You can set number of spinner to change wheel appearance as well.


#10. Play Snake Game

Type “snake game” in search box and click on play button. Enjoy this awesome fun game.


I’ll be adding interesting stuffs regularly. Do leave a comment which # you find interesting.

This much for today. Thanks for being with me up to this point.

Have a great day ! 🙂


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