Hello everyone,
The RunDLL message dialog as shown in image below was bothering me since 5 days and i finally get ride off the problem now. It was just irritating while i get this message as soon as i started my laptop.

Screenshot (59)

Today i am gonna provide a trick to remove BackgroundContainer.dll specific module not found message while starting Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. So, why do late ? Lets start !!!

Step 1 :
Go to control pannel > Administrative Tools

Screenshot (63)

Screenshot (65)

Screenshot (66)

Step 2:
Search for Task Scheduler in Administrative Tools window and then double click it. You’ll see the following window.

Screenshot (67)

Expand the Task Scheduler library option seen in top right corner by clicking on it. You’ll see the following window. Search for Background Container startup task in this window. I’ve highlighted the option in image below.

Screenshot (68)

Step 3:
Double click on the Background Container startup task and then you’ll get following window on your screen.

Screenshot (73)
Step 4:
Click on the Action Menu. Highlight the “Start a program” link and then click edit seen on the bottom of window. You’ll get following window.
Screenshot (74)

Step 5:

After step 4,  you need to be carefull. Do not touch Program/Script option. This is essential for operating system at the time of startup. The only thing you need to do is, Clear the content of Add arguement (Optional). and then click Ok.

Screenshot (75)

Step 6:
Restart your PC and then enjoy !!! 🙂 

 Screenshot (77)



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