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Payment Service Providers(PSP) in Nepal

Cellcom Private Limited (Cell Pay) CellPay is a Nepal Rastra Bank licensed Payment Service Provider providing both bank...

E-Sewa vs FonePay – Difference between PSP and PSO

Firstly you need to understand the concept of Payment Service Provider(PSP) and Payment Service Operators(PSO). Payment Service Operator(PSO) is the platform that acts as an intermediary to settle all the financial transactions of PSP who are using their network for the purpose of fund settlement and debit-credit routing related activities.

Received “Looks like a lot to you” message in Facebook Messanger?...

If you're receiving a video link in facebook messenger saying "This looks like you", it's a spam. Many of my friends are sending this spam link and some are clicking on it as well. You should be aware that it may install malicious software or program(malware) on your device or can even allow an unknown third party to have access to your facebook account. Please be noted that it's phishing link and do not enter any information or your user name and password asked there.

Global Supply Chain to disrupt amidst Russia Ukraine Conflict

It's been 2 weeks since the war penetrated between Russia and Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine both being major stakeholders of world's energy...

Lessons that every technology fellow can learn from Lord Shiva

On the auspicious occasion of Maha Shivaratri, illionSo Wishes you Good Health and all the Happiness you deserve. May God Shiva bestow...

Assertion in SQL – Basic

In SQL, an assertion is a statement that ensures that certain conditions are always enforced in the database no matter what. Same as...

What is Metaverse? Are we very close to live in immersive...

Hi everyone! So, here I'm with the hot topic for you that's gaining popularity never like before- Metaverse! With excessive use of...

Top Cloud Computing Service Providers

Cloud Computing is modern computing paradigm or practice of delivering computing services including but not limited to Storage Space, Database, Data analytics,...

Top 10 Platforms to Host Your Apps for Free

Hi everyone, here I present you the list of top 10 platforms to host your application absolutely free of cost.

Free Platforms To Get Design Inspiration For Your Next Project

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog once again. Are you looking for the best platforms to get Ideas for any kind of design works? Well, In this article, I'm going to share with you some of the awesomely cool platforms for designers in 2021. These platforms will help you to sketch your idea and implement in your next project more easily.

Top Programming Languages to Learn in 2022: PART – 1

1. JavaScriptJavaScript, often abbreviated as JS, is a programming language that conforms to the ECMAScript specification. It is high-level, often just-in-time compiled,...

Top 10 Free Code Editors for Web Developers in 2020

Hi everyone, I'm here with you guys to present my picks of top 10 code editors for web developers.

Facebook Down for 6 hours ― everything you need to know

Facebook family of apps gone through a rare yet lengthy outage on Monday's night and cost of this technical glitch is getting...

Agile Software Process Model – An Introduction

Agile is a software development model that encourages the continuous iteration of development and testing in the entire software development lifecycle of...

VB Code to convert Digit to Text in MS Word Document

Copy the code below by creating a new Macro to convert: To add shortcut for this macro, you shall...

Add Shortcut to use the Macro you’ve created in MS Word

After adding Macro in MS Word document, you can follow the steps below to create shortcut for it.

SET operations in SQL

Set operations combines the results of two independent SQL queries. There are three set operations in SQL  1.Union 2. Intersect

Changing WordPress login information from cPanel

Hey WordPress Lovers! In case if you forget the password or user credentials of your WordPress admin panel (i.e., domain/wp-admin), you...

How to connect VPS with Ubuntu 18.04 in Windows using RDP?

Hi there, welcome after a while. I'm here with easy steps to connect Virtual Private Server installed with Ubuntu 18.04 in Windows...

How to change Classic Theme name in PrestaShop 1.7 ?

PrestaShop is an efficient and innovative e-commerce solution with all the features you need to create an online store and grow your business....

Best Course In the World for Computer Science Beginners: CS50 Introduction

“CS50: Introduction to Computer Science” is a course by Harvard University that introduce the introduction to the intellectual enterprises of Computer...

How to enable Together Mode in Microsoft Teams?

Go to your team setting option by clicking your profile image. You'll see the...

Two Tier vs Three Tier Database Management System Architecture

DBMS Architecture helps in design, development, implementation, and maintenance of a database to great extent.

Anatomy of Corona Virus and science behind it

What is Corona Virus? With common names Coronavirus, COVID-19, Sars-Cov-2 or SARS, etc. Coronavirus is an RNA Virus. Genetic...

Corona Virus: Nepal rushed to build a 50-bed hospital in 2...

The world's eye is in Nepal which shares a direct border with China, the first epicenter of COVID19, is still safe...

Microsoft Promoting Free use of Teams Communication App Amid Coronavirus Breakdown

Microsoft Teams is a hub for teamwork to keep all your team's chats, meetings, files, and apps together in one place. Instead...

Leap Year in C, C for beginners

According to the definition, a year that is divisible by 4, 100 and 400 is known as a leap year. Also if...

Everything about ASCII in C

One thing you should always consider while playing with ASCII is that the ASCII values of all the characters will be between 0 and 255. That’s why we need to use a loop starting at 0 and iterating up to 255 to print all characters in range 0 to 255.

COVID-19 | Serious Lesson for Humanity

African countries are now imposing restrictions on visitors from European countries in a row as the majority of #COVID19 confirmed cases were found to...

Corona Virus Nepal Updates| Is Nepal Safe to Travel?

A sample data of Japan seems like it's indicating Nepal should get prepared for such unpredictable and unavoidable situation. Holi Festival is nearby for Nepalese and Indians more as countries Celebrating mass people gathering festival like Holi in next week.

How to format Pen-drive using command in Windows

Method to format USB thumb drive using windows command prompt with step by step pictorial guide.

Setup eCommerce website for your startup | Guidelines

Setting up a working eCommerce site by an organization is being easy nowadays but the largest obstacle that business owners and new businesses are...

Introducing Facebook Graph Search

Facebook recently changed the way that users search for their contents. More specific and categorized search can be done now with Facebook graph search....

What Is a Facebook API and it’s Authentication ?

One thing that sets Facebook apart from its competition in the social networking arena is its extensive use of building the site's platform, features...

How do I clear my Viewing History in YouTube ?

To clear your Viewing History: Login and click your username located in the top right corner of the page. Select Video Manager from the drop-down menu that appears. Click...

Top 4 Methods To Remove Write Protection From Your Pen Drives...

In most of the USB based flash/pen drives, write protection is provided via the small notch. First of all look for it in sides of...

Bing’s Image Search | New Look.

Bing has updated its image search a couple of days earlier with a new look and some tweaks to its search and discovery features. The first thing...

Apple Maps Beta vs Google Navigation

After trying out Apple's Maps app in the iOS 6 beta, I wasn't able to test the built-in turn-by-turn navigation in an office setting. I...

Goodbye Internet Explorer

It's time to say goodbye to Internet Explorer as Microsoft is officially terminating...


How to enable a 7×7 gallery view in Microsoft Teams?

Go to your Team's setting(Desktop Application). Enable the new meeting experience manually...

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